Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Thunder Shirt

What is it with Labs? Neither Ben nor Bella were at all worried or bothered by storms...until they hit about age 6 or 7. Then, holy Hannah, they suddenly turned into a quivering, quaking hot mess.

I'd read about thunder shirts, and actually tried to make my own, but this weekend I saw them for sale at Plantation Fields, and since I was already deep into frenzy of over purchasing that day, I bought Bella one. Bode, being only 5 years old still finds thunder storms very non-threatening.

We had an early morning storm roll through the other morning and Gerry (because I was still happily asleep buried down in covers) put the shirt on Bella (one-handed because his arm is still in a sling).


The thunder shirt seemed to work! She was less anxious and stressed; money well spent!

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