Monday, October 8, 2012

Bad Shoes.....and duct tape

For crying out loud, I've got to stop hurting myself!

So, last week I decide to wear this gorgeous pair of shoes, shoes I never wear. (There is a reason for this, but apparently I keep forgetting what it is.)

The first hour in them at work is fine. Then I take a friend out to lunch to celebrate her birthday. By the time I get back to work I'm lame in both feet.

As soon as I get to my office I pull off the shoes- argh- I've rubbed about 20 layers of skin off my heels. Plus some rubs on the tops of my feet.

So in order to ride Saturday I ended up taping my feet up with duct tape. My BO had suggested this once for bad blisters, and it works. The duct tape stayed on but also pulled off with no pain.

Oh, and those shoes? In the trash.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure BO means something other than body odor, but damned if I know what you are talking about. Great idea about the duct tape, though. Linda


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