Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who me?

A week ago Gerry took a bad fall off Doc. Riding through a field we think they must have really pissed off some kind of stinging insect. Doc got stung, bucked, bucked again, and on the third buck Gerry came off. Gerry did not make 8 seconds.

Doc ran galloped 3 miles home. Arriving soaking wet. Without Gerry.

Thanks to a GPS phone app we located exactly where Gerry was, were able to call him and set-out to rescue him.

But Gerry, being the self-relient kind of guy he is. Picked himself up off the ground, set his very dislocated shoulder back into place (can you say yoweeeee that hurt!!!) and started walking home.

We got the truck to the trail head and I walked in and met him.

X-rays and an MRI later, its a torn rotator cuff and labral shoulder tear. Surgery is next month.

Doc came through just fine, but can't figure out why I'm on his back these days and not his Daddy.

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