Monday, June 11, 2012

Favorite Photos Revisited, Part 1

This week I thought I'd revisit some of my all time favorites photos - the criteria is all over the place- some are favorites because they hold such deeply personal memories, some because they are beautiful, and for one or two because they are both. Hope you enjoy!

This photo is of myself  and my sisters. Taken in front of our home in Illinois, it's obviously summertime, and I'm the baby and probably about 7-9 months old in this photo. Ellen is holding me. Standing next to her is her twin Ann (who I just realized looks taller than Ellen in this photo!  Ellen must have had a growth spur right after this was taken because she was 5'8" and Ann is about 5'4"), and front and center is Susan - who has managed to maintain that happy, upbeat personality her entire life! I love my sisters.

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