Thursday, June 21, 2012

Favorite Photos, Part 5

I'm including this photo as part of this "Favorite Photo Series" because of it's importance to me. 

Some background: for about the first 20 years of my marriage, in addition to working full time, I had a graphic design business. I had some very good clients, but obviously I did it for the extra income. Which meant I pretty much worked all the time.

The day finally came when we didn't need that extra income, and I closed the business and began making jewelry. I'd taken a couple of semesters of jewelry making with an incredibly talented and inspiring art professor, Anne Graham, at UD. So, after closing the graphic design business I began making jewelry again.

About 2 years later this photo of my work was published in Belle Armoire Magazine, a publication that showcases wearable art. The day that magazine showed up in my mailbox -- well, it felt really, really good. The brooch in the bottom of the photo was also a milestone piece for me- it was with this piece that I developed my concept of merging story-telling with jewelry making and it set me on the path of creating narrative jewelry- a path I'm still exploring today.

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