Monday, May 7, 2012

We got milk!

I signed us up for home milk delivery and our milkman came for the first time this morning. I left a cooler outside with ice, but he showed up just as I was leaving for work. I purchased a quart of milk (in a really nice GLASS milk bottle,) a container of honey butter, a loaf of honey wheat bread, and 2 pints of ice cream. (The also deliver eggs and bacon.) All their products are locally grown and organic. Their web site is here.  Major kudos to the Kilby folks for having one of the easiest to use Web sites that I've come across in ages. I could not believe how user centered it was and their delivery man was a delight - so professional and friendly!

Having these items delivered may not seem very frugal- but it will save me what I estimate to be about an hour of my time as well as the expense of using my car. Their delivery charge is only $3.50.  Farm fresh goodies delivered to my door- I'm in heaven!

I can't wait to try the ice cream : )

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