Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our eating habitats deconstructed

G. and I try really, really hard to eat well - that means the best quality food we can get our hands on, and the smallest portions that we can stand. I'm the only cook in the family and I work both a full time and part time job. We are both starving by the time we get home for work, so that doesn't leave much time for cooking. So to solve this problem, we shop for groceries on Friday night after work. Then either Saturday or Sunday afternoon I spend about 2-3 hours cooking or baking the majority of our food for the week.

This week that meant cooking up some steel cut oatmeal for breakfast, cutting up a cantaloupe into bite size pieces and plastic bagging it for quick additions to breakfast and lunch, browning some of our Carlos meat with adobo peppers for tacos, and then slicing up these two lovely peppers and an onion and caramelizing them. Dinner is ready!

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