Thursday, February 16, 2012

My new line of jewelry

I'm working on a new line of jewelry for my yet-to-be-launched-but-in-the-works ETSY Shop...the design is based on my short story "Mermaid's Tears."  (Which in turn, is based on characters from my novel, "The Fourth Storm.")

I've done a line of brooches based on Mermaid's Tears....but I realized that since suits are no longer chic wear to work grab (I'd be in heaven if I could just wear jeans everyday!) that I've not been wearing my brooches very much. What I have been wearing are a lot of choker length pendents, thus the new line are all pendents. I'm using my favorite materials- mother of pearl, wood, brass, and my most favorite of all- vintage rhinestones. Here is one of my first pieces in this line.

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