Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Right after Xmas a pretty bad blizzard blew through the mid-Atlantic, we got off with only about 3 inches of snow, while surrounding areas got up to 24". It was a strange storm with very narrow weather bands. Ferocious winds came with it - up to 50 miles per hour. And we had a heck of a time keeping the house warm (the non-insulated built in 1948 side of the house that is; the 1996 side of the house was toasty warm.)

Anyway, one result of this storm was that my sister Susan, who was visiting from the midwest return flight was cancelled so were had an extra 2 days together! Such a rare pleasure as we only get to see each other once a year. We were able to have a long phone convo with our big sister in Denver, and of course our beloved sister Ellen, who died in November a year ago, was with us in spirit.

Sisters are very good to have and I love mine very much.

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