Friday, January 7, 2011

Frugal Friday

Todays' Frugal Friday post is about pre-planning for the flip. This Xmas Gerry and I gave each other iPads (how much I love my iPad is worthy of a post all of its own-lets just say for now, it is always with me and don't know how I lived without it.)

Knowing that at some point in time a new, improved iPad will be offered, we purchased our iPads with a plan for the future sale - or flip. First, we bought the best version available,  the ones that are Wi-Fi 3G with 64GB. We had them engraved (since it was free) but instead of having our names or some other personal identifier permanently etched on it, we took a humerus route and had "This is my iPad : ) " engraved. This still marks it as ours, but when we go to sell it, it won't be a negative to a potential buyer.

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