Monday, December 13, 2010

Fox Hunting, Part 1

Saturday was a glorious day for riding. Gerry and Doc took off on the trails....and ended up fox hunting...kind of. A lovely red fox meet up with them on the trail behind farmer Larry's home. He kept just ahead of Doc and Gerry, just glancing back to check them out once in a while. Farmer Larry shouted out to Gerry that he'd appreciate it if Gerry and Doc could see if they could drive off Reynardine* permanently... apparently Mr. Fox was interested in Farmer Larry's chicken's. The fox led the way for awhile but finally was able to circle back... in the direction of the hen house.

*Reynardine is a traditional English ballad; in versions most commonly sung and recorded today, Reynardine is a werefox who attracts beautiful women to him so that he can take them away to his castle. What fate meets them there is usually left ambiguous. This interpretation of the ballad is modern and is primarily based. (Wikipedia)

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