Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WEG vs. MUG, part 3

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, at MUG we got to see Jesse, a mule I wrote about on this blog over a year ago. We were seriously considering adopting Jesse, but decided against it as he had very little training. We read on the rescue’s Web site that he has been getting a lot of training over the past year, and in fact he was entered several classes at MUG, so we were eager to see him again.

We watched in anticipation as Jesse entered the ring, he’d filled out from when we last saw him and gleamed with good health. He started the class with the other mules. Then, all of sudden he began to go off courses and he slowly ambled into the middle of the show ring - and when he got there he did a face plant right into the sand. His rider nearly tumbled over his head but saved herself at the last minute. Very slowly Jesse righted himself, got to his hooves, and calmly walked to a corner of the ring, where for the next 15 minutes he refused to move an inch. The other riders in class were furious as he was jamming up the class and every time they came by him, let loose with sotto voce insults. Jesse could not give a damn. His rider tried everything thing could but this mule was not to be moved. Gerry and I watched, speechless, and then I turned to Gerry and whispered, “wow, we sure dodged that bullet. “

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