Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hot, just frigging hot

Holy smokes, its hot here. We keep moving our riding time up earlier and earlier, yesterday we left for the barn at 7:30--on a Saturday!!! --And yes, not being a stellar morning person I'm not loving it so much. But I'd hate missing my barn time even more. 

We are doing everything we can to keep Doc and Dallas as comfortable as possible- keeping our rides short, giving them Vitralin sponge baths, and today both of them got a nice long water bath - followed by a good roll in the dust for Doc, while Dallas retired to the comfort of his stall and fan for the rest of the day. 

As for the pups and this heat..... well the house has central AC and they only scurry out to the backyard when they really, really need to go. Our labs are not lovers of the great outdoors. My MIL suggested something she did for their new rescue, the Greyhound, Uncle Joe. She took a rubber kong dog toy and filled the hole in the middle with peanut butter and then froze it. Supposedly a treat that will last an hour. Hmm, not with my guys. Bella got one lick in before Bode swiped it and growled that she better not even think about trying to get it back. Then he laid down and in a minute or so had melted the peanut butter enough that he just sucked it down. And thought it was very tasty!

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  1. I love the white background. I know it isn't as dramatic as the black, but it is easier to read.

    We're lucky this summer so far. Today, JUly 4th, it is a little humid, but not too hot. We are having a July 4th party for our friends, only two of whom are American. No fireworks, though.


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