Saturday, June 19, 2010

Doc dressed to kill- flies

Our trail riding barn buddy E. knitted this beautiful fly bonnet for Doc. Fly bonnets for mules are hard to find, and you can't use a horse bonnet because, well, the ears are too short. 

E. very kindly offered to create this masterpiece for Doc and Gerry. The construction is fantastic and be sure to note the yellow beads E. added as embellishments. Doc not only looks handsome, but he will be more more comfortable as the fly bonnet will keep flies off his ears and eyes.  Thanks E, great job!


  1. "Holy Guacamole!" shouts Fenway. "It's awesome!"

    Lookin' good, Doc. Lookin' real good.

    Marnie "FarmWife" Jones

  2. Fenway, I'm honored that you've visited my blog, my man-servant's wife doesn't ALWAYS blog about me (something I need to work on) but I do manage to get blogged about at least a couple of times a week- those worthless sofa hogs, the Lab dogs, and short-eared Paint tend to get blogged about as well....I think its high time I had a blog all to myself.

  3. Doc, you must apply pressure to MJ in order that your blog dreams may come true. A plaintive nicker-bray and a soulful gaze usually works to get me what I want.

    If she won't give you a blog of your own, perhaps a facebook fanpage is in order!


  4. Where can a fellow mule order such a mask (or perhaps the pattern)?


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