Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's been very medical around here. Last Friday, Gerry had a lithotripsy procedure for kidney stones. It went very well, in fact much better than the last time (which mean much less pain this time around.) And this week it was Miss Bella's turn. She completely ruptured her cruciate tendon in her left hind leg and she underwent surgical repair Thursday. Her surgeon was none other than Dr. Dean Richardson, who gained fame as the vet who preformed that amazing surgery on Kentucky Derby winner, Barbaro, after he broke his leg in the Preakness several years ago. (Only the best for my baby Bella!)

Her first night home she was a little woozy and obviously uncomfortable- yikes, who wouldn't be with that club of a bandage to drag around! But tonight she she is feeling better. We will take the bandage off tomorrow night and in 14 days she goes back to have the sutures removed. (Oh yeah, I'll be posting photos of all that too!)

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  1. Woofels for a speedy recovery, Bella. Then y ou can come out and visit me.



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