Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rock it out! Or- rock concerts for the middle-aged

Gerry and I went with L and D to see the Nickleback concert in Atlantic City last night. OK, I'm not even going to let you in on the last concert we went to, but it was a very, very long time ago (can you say Adam Ant?)
Some things have changed since those hallowed days- no sweet smell in the air, no funny looking cigarettes being passed down the rows, no people charging the stage and getting thrown off.

Some things haven't changed-still a lot of people very drunk and acting stupid.

What really got us was- we weren't the oldest people there by a long shot. Nickleback must really appeal to the over 40 crowd, because they were there --lots of them.

The whole night was a blast, good music, great company, fun times.

Awful pictures though, but still, I feel the need to prove I really was there. Happy Easter every one!

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