Sunday, March 14, 2010

March showers bring A.C. Moore flowers

I enjoy looking at flowers and attractive landscaping.

I hate gardening. Hate it.

I'll muck a stall or pick manure in a pasture any day over having to plant flowers, water or weed. Gerry takes care of our lawn and the flower beds in the back of the house, but the containers in the front yard are mine.

One winter I admired my barn owner, P.B.'s lovely poinsettias and she informed me they - WERE NOT REAL!!!!!!

FANTASTIC IDEA!!!!! I raced over to the local dollar store and stocked up on poinsettias and went home and instantly created a lovely wintry arrangement for all three of my containers.

Now when the season's change, instead of heading for a nursery, I head for A.C. Moore. My new spring flowers for two containers cost just under $40- which works out to $20 per container and I figure they should last a couple of seasons- no watering, no weeding, just enjoyment. (I will be planting REAL flowers in my third container this year since it sits next to the most used door- and I don't want to completely blow my cred as a nature person.)

I used to sneer at people who covered their sofas in plastic and had fake flowers.... my sofas are now covered in sheets and I have plastic flowers on my front porch so, I guess I'm one of those people now.

My, how time can change one's attitude ; )

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