Friday, March 12, 2010

Bad boys on walk about

Look at this photograph.

At first glance it looks idyllic... a young mule and his quarter horse best buddy enjoying some tasty wisps of grass on a late winter morning...........

Now look again.

See the red circle, that's the fence to their pasture......and on which they are on the wrong side of. Once again Doc the mule has gone walk about, leaving my poor Dallas to fend for himself! Apparently Dallas lacks the exploring instinct or he just instinctively knows that good boys stay on their side of the fence!
Our barn owner said they went down the path to the stream, followed the stream for awhile, then over fallen trees, and then up a steep hill, that a goat would find difficult.
Many thanks to my barn owner, P.B., for sending me this photo.It's been nasty-raining-yucky out and we didn't get to the barn last night- so I love getting these photos from her.

Now, if I could just figure out how to set-up a web cam at the farm to provide live streaming video of mule and paint!


  1. Add the QH to the web cam please. Reminds me of the commercial on TV with the cat wearing the camera. Maybe you could fit one to a halter --braid it into a mane. think!!

  2. How about it I embed the camera into a piece of wood and make it into a "Carry n' Crib" camera for Dallas : )

  3. LOL He's do it too! He's a very good boy.

  4. Well looks like you need sturdier fencing for Dallas and the mule.


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