Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pennsylvania Horse Expo

We spent a fun filled, but loooong day, at the Pennsylvania Horse Expo on Friday. It was well worth the snowy, icy trip up. Lots of vendors- and because the crowds were low due to the horrible weather I was able to get into theirs booths and really look -usually it is so jammed with people that I don't get much shopping in. So of course I bought a little more than I'd intended : )

At night we had tickets for Theatre Equus which always stars Tommy Turvey -- I never tire of seeing him and his wonderful paint geldings (black and white tobiano's just like my beloved Dallas) Poker Joe and Ace in the Hole.

Appearing for the first time as a clinician and a featured act was Stacy Westfall - who did her Ghost Rider reining program- bridleless! My photo today is of Gerry getting ready to high five Stacy.

Horse, horses, horses all day long- nothing could be better!

(Well, except the food choices which are just god awful-not a fresh fruit or veggie anywhere.)

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