Sunday, November 1, 2009

A quiet weekend, thank god

Again with the rain. Non-stop all freaking weekend until the middle of this afternoon when it finally broke and then it was just beautiful. We'd hoped to ride-a lot- this weekend, but it wasn't meant to be. We spent a good couple hours at the barn grooming and again battling Dallas's scratches. How I hate scratches. For my non-equine readers, scratches is not what is sounds like. It is in fact a skin fungus type rash that horses can (mine do for sure) get above their hoof. Wet, muddy weather seems to bring it on and makes it worse. We've tried all kinds of remedies and I think we might be winning the war, but its a long, dragged out one.

Friday night we had a really nice dinner with friends at Blackstone's Pub. It's perfect for a chilly, dark night serving very hearty, pub style dishes. Dessert was total decadence and I'm proud to admit I almost ate the whole damn thing. It was a peanut butter mousse covered with a thin chocolate crust- heaven in every bite. I knew you would want to see it!

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