Monday, October 5, 2009

Introducing the newest member of the pack

Ever since our our beloved Labrador, Ben, died we've known been off balance as a one dog home. Finally, this weekend, the stars were in the right alignment ; ) and we found our newest family member.

We found him at Paws for Life, an animal rescue in Chesapeake City, Maryland. (Which is the nicest rescue, with awesome staff- please consider supporting their efforts!!!!!) His orginal name was, believe it or not, Biter, which was changed at Paws for Life to Clark (and he came into the shelter with his full brother who was renamed, Lewis.) But by the time we got him home he was Bode.

The pack introduction went very well- pretty much a non-event. We are babysitting my sister-in-laws black Lab this weekend, so poor Bode had two matronly Labs to meet and greet. Butts were sniffed, there were a few feeble humping attempts and that was that.
It’s fascinating getting to know a new dog. Bode loves to counter surf (we haven’t had one of those in years so –so completely forgot that leaving dinner on the counter is not a good idea-however, Bode enjoyed it ...... immensely ; ) Then spent the next hours worried that he’d get sick- but thankfully no issues.
He loves to sniff our bath towels (!), hasn’t a clue what a ball or toy is, and slept like a rock through the whole night. He seemed very depressed on the ride home, but ever since has been happy and lively. He has eaten all his (regular!) meals with gusto so I think he approves of our choices in dog food. And I placed an order with Smart Pak yesterday so he won’t have to share Bella’s too much longer. And he is already modeling a nice new collar (with matching leash of course!) We’ve been applying ointment to his skin to help speed up the healing of the rash. He’s taken all our attention like a gentleman and he is very loving even when he isn’t at all sure just what the heck we are doing.

I’m attaching three photos- wish they were better, but getting three labs to poise—well, you know how that goes. Bode has already figured out how to drink out of our fish pond without falling in (and shows no inclination whatsoever to jump in- so I’m thinking that swimming will be another new experience for him when we go to bark park.) (BTW-fish pond is all natural-no chemicals-so safe to drink and very shallow)

Welcome Bode!!!!!!

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  1. Good luck with Bode! Bella looks a little jealous in the first cute.


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