Friday, September 18, 2009

Beau gets his teeth done....

It was that time of year, when the horses of Flint Hill Farm get their yearly dental check-ups. We have simply the best and nicest equine dentist around and he very graciously allowed me to snap a few pictures and post them here. The first time I saw a horse get its teeth floated I think I just stood there the entire time with my mouth open- could. not. believe. it. The process looks a bit barbaric, but I promise no harm is done. On the contrary having their teeth floated can make a horse much more comfortable by dulling any sharp points they might have developed. Dallas' teeth were fine, but Beau needed a little routine maintenance. He stood like a champ the entire time, though I don't think this was the kind of attention he was craving. Many thanks to GT for letting me share this interesting equine moment!

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