Monday, July 6, 2009

Costco and the 4th of July

So I'm a huge fan of the semi-homemade concept of cooking and baking. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy cooking, but I don't have much time, ever. So, when I need to bring a food item to a party I try to come up with something that is yummy, different, and easy.

Case in point are my mini-cinis. I start by taking a trip to Costco (I love that store, love it-in future posts I'll tell you why I love buying the huge amounts of single items even though I'm only feeding my husband and myself-so stayed tuned!) Anyway, I march over to the bakery section and pick-up a package of their 2-Bite Cinnamon Rolls. At home I mix up some cream cheese frosting (cream cheese, softened, some butter, 10X sugar and vanilla-amounts to your taste, but try for a fairly thick consistency) I spread that on top of each roll. Then I chop up some pecans (also from Costco- yes, I have a huge bag of Costco pecans and almonds AlWAYS in my freezer- yes, in the freezer they stay fresh forever.) I toss the pecan bits in a sauce pan with a couple of sprays of butter flavor PAM and toast them. Sprinkle those on top of your mini-cinis and you've got one awesome desert. I took these to a 4th of July party and people just devoured them.

Now, that's my kind of baking!

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