Sunday, June 21, 2009

Victoria, B.C.

Victoria, BC, was our last port of call before arriving back in Seattle. We didn't pull in until late- 6 p.m. so there wasn't much time to sightsee, we got a quick tour of the city and then we hopped onto a jetboat in search of killer whales (Orcas).... well, we didn't see any whales but we sure smelled them...a Minke Whale was in the vicinity and we know first hand why people call them stinky minkies. Oh, and for the first time we were COLD!!!!!!!


  1. What a trip! Magnificent photos. The trip seems to have involved beautiful views, lovely family gatherings, and sobering times. Most importantly you made the most of it. Thanks for sharing.

    Sue Frost

  2. Great trip. You were so lucky to have warm weather.


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