Sunday, June 21, 2009


Next we pulled into Scagway - I loved this tiny town for its authentic western feel. And how can you not love a town where you can stand in the middle of main street (O.K., the only street) and have your picture taken!!!
In the morning we went out to Tongess National Park for a 2 hour trail ride (of course we had to ride while we were in Alaska!!) This was our view on the way to the stable. Wow, just wow.

And if that view wasn't breathtaking enough, how about this, we spotted our first bear in the wild-ever!

The ride was excellent, the horses were in good shape with nice feet. And they weren't dull at all, my guy even spooked on the way home! Gerry and I had a really interesting conversation with one of the wranglers about the difficulty of keeping horses in a place where there is next to nothing for them to graze on.

The afternoon we boarded the White Pass Railroad for a trip that took us just into Canada. I don't have a photo but we saw another bear on the trip!!!

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