Sunday, June 21, 2009


We haven't cruised since the early '90's and the first difference we noticed is that getting on board has been streamlined, it used to be an ordeal, now it is fast and easy. As soon as we got on the ship we were able to eat a nice lunch and then explored until our cabin was ready. Here is MJ on the ship before it pulled out of Seattle.

If you look hard you can see Mt. Rainier in the distance.

O.K. I'll say it now, we had extra-ordinary weather, I'm mean freaking great- between 78 and 84 every single day and not a drop of rain, not a smidgen of fog, nothing but clear bright skies, how cool was that!!!! Oh, but we did have some wind.....

Thanks Norwegian Cruise Line for the nice cabin upgrade!!! Not sure if early bordello is really our style, but hey who am I to say no to all that red velvet.

And every single night when we retired we found yet another example of the fine art of towel sculpture, aside from this elephant we also enjoyed debating the composition and merit of a towel snake, a towel bunny, and a towel platypus.....
Sometimes the wind was a bit much, but it was never, ever cold.

I never expected to see so much wildlife from the ship- here are two Orca. We also saw a colony of seals and sea lions.

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