Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sick Horse, Fat horse

Remember that cough I mentioned many posts ago? Well, it went away, then it came back. I had Dr.L, my vet, check it out and a CBC showed that Beau has an infection. He has been on antibiotics for almost a week now (30 pills a day!!!!) and is much better- no more cough and the sparkle is back in his eye.

Dallas on the other hand is F.A.T. I didn't realize how much weight he had gained until I rode yesterday and I spent 5 minutes trying to buckle the girth. OH MY. So my barn owner has closed the boys off into a much smaller, much less grass rich pasture and the poor boy is going to get ridden like a banshee from now on. I also have a grazing muzzle ready to go on as well. I pulled out this photo and I see that last year he was just as portly as he is now. Sigh. Dallas is an easy keeper I'm afraid , just like his mom.

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