Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Postcard Horse

Last year my barn owner's husband took some lovely photos of Dallas, absolutely total glamour shots. So this year I wanted to be sure we afforded Beau the same honor. We took this photo (and a bunch more) this past Saturday. It was stinking hot (actually, just the usual summer type weather for around here-- we just aren't used to it yet) so didn't ride but instead prettied up our boy Beau and took let him hit the catwalk. He is a handsome boy isn't he? Gerry calls him his postcard horse, when asked why, Ger explains that Beau is happiest when he is looking sharp and standing still, like in not moving and wasting any energy .... Beau is not a git up and go kind of pony---'except of course when he sees scary stuff out in Fair Hill. But Gerry has really been working on that and Beau is definitely braver than he was on our first ride of the year. He and Gerry even go out on their own for what I call character building rides, and Beau has definitely gained in the bravery department thanks to Ger's hard work.

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