Sunday, March 8, 2009

I did the walk of shame yesterday.....

Yesterday, the nicest day yet of this new year, the SO and I did the walk of shame for the first time. We had gone out for a nice easy trail ride on Dallas and Beau. And everything was A.O.K. til we crossed the Appleton bridge into Fair Hill. Carp-o-la someone had brought their horse eating carriages and fancy carriage horses out to play and our boys took one look and they both did a 360 get-me-the-hell-out-of here-now-mom-and dad-spins. Yes, our calm paint geldings turned into ragging, jigging, running backwards, idiots. We tried walking and talking to them, we tried getting off and hand walking and talking, we tried stern talk, we tried baby talk, we mounted, we dismounted, we mounted again, we dismounted. Between the unusually warm weather, and those freaking carriages their little horse minds were blown. The SO & I, both being over 50 and lacking the skill and nerve to ride anything more than your run of the mill spook, buck or spin, gave in, hung up our pride and walked those damn beasts back to the barn- a two mile hike in soggy, muddy conditions. I swear if someone had driven by with a horse trailer and a ten dollar bill, Beau would have been on it.

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