Monday, March 2, 2009

Horse Expo and Big Snow

The SO and I went to the Pennsylvania Horse Expo this weekend and it was much better than last year - really excellent clinics- I especially enjoyed watching Tommy Garland doing ground work , love his no nonsense, yet kind approach and Suzanne Sheppard did a great class in the round pen- I'd love to take a lesson with her. So fun to be surrounded by all things equine. And yes, the shopping was pretty good too. SO bought a gorgeous new bridle from Kenny Harlow's booth- it will look awesome on Dallas, especially when the SO is riding in his Aussie saddle. I bought a DVD (Tommy Garland's) and some new stirrups. I gave the SO my expensive MCD stirrups and I ended up with ones a bit too small. Now I've got some nice safety stirrups - yep, I'm at the point in my life where I'd rather be as safe as I can be. So, I came home with some nice stuff, but kept the shopping down to things I really needed.

We beat the big nor'easter that came up from the south and dumbed a whole bunch of snow on us, and I ended up off from work as the College was closed. Ben and Bella had fun snuffling and discovered a little cave to play in.

I love this photo, kind looks like two big cougar butts, rooting around.

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