Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't Over Design the Solution

If you have even a casual interest in art, horses, writing and making money work for you than you've landed in the right blog, welcome!

I'm MJ Arden and until a few months ago I had a web site. It was beautiful to look, had some interesting content, but the truth is I didn't update it very often. It was cool to give people my domain name (OK, the cool factor lessened a lot over the years for sure.) The truth is I was over designing the solution to my communications problem.

I wanted to be able to communicate, get feedback, and update frequently. My solution: I didn't renew my domain name, canceled my hosting service and here I am on Blogger.

"Don't over design the solution" is one of my life mantra's and you'll see more examples in the coming months. Another overarching theme of this blog will be saving money to better afford what I really want in life. When I can I'm going to end each blog with how I've saved money that day, I'd love to know how you do it too!

Money Saved Today: Canceled my domain name registration- saved $199
Canceled my Web site hosting service - saved another $199
Cost of Blogger: FREE!!!!!!

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