Friday, October 9, 2020

Assateague Minke Whale

So in September, we went down to Chincoteague/Assateague for a couple of days. We rode our bikes and walked on the beach. The second day there we went to our favorite spot, it's off the beaten path and we rarely see other people there. Standing on the dune we both spotted what looked like a white tent on the beach. So we walked towards it. It wasn't a tent. Just minutes before a dead Minke whale had washed onshore. We reported it to that ranger and we checked back with them and it was being moved to the Baltimore Aquarium for a necropsy. I noticed it had rough red patches- which look way redder in these photos then they did in person. But perhaps was an indicator of some internal trauma. The ranger told us it was 23 feet long and weighed approx. 15,000 pounds. I touched its flipper and said a prayer. It was both heartbreaking and amazing. 

Rest in peace Minke.


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