Friday, January 15, 2016

For the Canadians! Anna and Guy, Tim and Linda

These photos are for our friends Anna and Guy, here is Christmas in Delaware, USA! Enjoy! (But remember this is NOT how we decorate our house : )

And to our other friends in the Great North-Tim and Linda R.-got the book and wonderful letter today, I'm back blogging!

And to our other Tim and Linda G. in Japan, I owe you an update- it's coming!!!!  

Nothing says Christmas like a life size reindeer shooting fire out of its .......

Less is more? Not in the USA, here more is more!!!!!

And lastly, right before Christmas a mysterious package arrived at our door step. Lo and behold, straight from Canada (via a little help from Joe M.) came a Chicken Coop starter kit for Gerry.
(Please note the mini Champagne bottle that came with it...we still haven't figured out what that has to do with chickens LOL.)

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  1. Wait. You have two sets of friends named Tim and Linda? Too strange.


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