Monday, January 12, 2015

Computer Room Rehab

The second largest room in our home was formerly my Mom's master bedroom (with en suite.) After she died, we moved all of our computers in there and now its our home office. When we are home we spend about 80% of our time in this room-so it sees a lot of use. The carpet is in AWFUL shape- multiple dogs over the years will do that, so it needs new flooring, some new furniture and to be painted. This is the year that we are finally biting the bullet and taking it on. The hangup has been how much damn stuff we've got in this room. We have a deadline for the flooring and the painting, which is 7 weeks-as that's when our new recliner loveseat will be delivered. Wish us luck that we can get it all done in time!
This is the style we ordered...
but in this fabric-a distressed leather that's a bit warmer
in color than the one shown above.

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