Thursday, February 2, 2012

This February it's going to be all about food!

This month I think I'm going to be posting a lot of food photos. My love for cooking has been reawakened-I think that has something to do with having a bit more time on my hands - what a luxury - anyway, first up is the Apple Brown Betty that I made from The Pioneer Woman's recipe file. Very simple, and sooo freaking rich. This is what it looked like before baking. Just 5 ingredients: butter, apples, brown sugar, whole wheat bread., and water. Yummy. Best served warm with vanilla ice cream melting on top of it. Gerry loved it.

1 comment:

  1. I can't get past all the butter on the top of that dish. Sounds great, but it is one of those dishes that I would try to "fix" so as to exclude the butter. The problem is that my "fixes" always end up off, so the kids complain, Tim eats it dutifully, but in silence, and I sit happily in my chair knowing that even if no one can eat it, they aren't ingesting butter.



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