Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let them eat cake........Smith Island Cake that is

Every Christmas Eve my husband and I host a buffet for family and friends. I make all the food and since dessert is the most important part of any meal I try to do something very special and especially yummy. In years past that has meant making my gee-normous Chocolate Eclair - and even though I only make it once a year I was ready for something new. Enter the Smith Island Cake which I read about in our local newspaper a couple of months ago. This bad boy is 14 (yes! 14!) layers of cake sandwiched between another 14 layers of fuggy frosting. But wait, do I want to make something that difficult when my resolution this year was less work not more? My husband works with a young woman who is also a talented baker. We asked her if she'd take on the Smith Island Cake challenge and she accepted. The result was a masterpiece of baked goods.

So I'm telling my sister about the Smith Island Cake we will soon be devouring and of course, my sister, who knows everything about anything, says, "Oh, that's a stack cake!" And she proceeds to give me the historical run down- it seems that in times past ladies would each bake one layer of cake and would bring them to an event where they would be assembled one on top of the other, cemented together with frosting.

So our dessert this Christmas Eve was not only delicious but also had history!

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