Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bode goes to the Vet

Last night we took Bode to the vet for the first time. We've switched vets, going from the waaaay over priced VCA Animal Hospital chain to a small, privately owned clinic. (and yes, I compared the prices after I got the bill last night- much less.)

We walked in and it was Lab central... a portly yellow male who was bellowing like a bull, I believe what he was saying was "Bring me another treat from that jar off the counter bitch ."(Remember, he's a dog .) His "parents" were DINKS just like Gerry and myself and yes, they were attending his needs by bringing him a treat from the jar on the counter every two minutes. (DINKS: double income, no kids) The second dog awaiting treatment was a black Lab mix...(mix being the operative word in this story) his owners say to us, "Oh is he friendly?" as I was getting ready to answer and maybe let Bode sniff a little strange butt, when their Lab goes all Pit Bull and starts growling and lunging for Bode. "Yeah, " I reply, "Mine's friendly, but I'm not at all sure about yours." And they act all horrified, "Oh, he's never done this before. He really is very friendly dog. " And then they have the balls to look at Bode and Gerry and me like we "caused" their Lab MIX to go all ape sh*t. And Bode? Bode was chill, totally chill. He was with Mom and Dad and everything was A.O.K.

We walked out with tons of meds for his skin issues and smelly ears and he weighs 84 pounds, not an obeaster like the yellow lab.

After Bode's exam, we went back into the waiting room for the bill. A door opened to one of the exam rooms and a woman about my age with a Golden walked out. She sat on the bench and wrapped her arms around the dog and then began crying into his coat. I knew. I knew. Gerry took Bode and headed outside (becuase he knows me so well and knew what I'd do) and he was right I went over to her. I told her I didn't want to intrude but I could see she was in agony and I just wanted her to know that she wasn't alone. I think sometimes all it takes is just someone, even a stranger acknowledging your pain, so that you know for those brief minutes you aren't alone. We talked awhile. Her boy is very, very ill and she's facing making "that" choice far sooner then she ever thought she'd have to as he is only 5 years old and my heart was breaking for her.

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